Ask the Cast - Glenda
Posted February 5, 2015 at 7:01 pm
I have plans for an arc that flashes back to show young Glenda at her witch school. Like the strip with Mini's schooling, this strip announces the upcoming arc. When Glenda was in the comic more frequently, say the first two years-ish, I came up with the idea that she went to a Hogwarts style school but I didn't have any way to introduce that information at the time. Since she's effectively been promoted to group B, group A being John, George, Zoey, and Lyn, she'll have more screen time and the planning I have in place made it a perfect time to include Glenda's backstory. Some people really dislike Glenda, which I assume comes from her disregard of Lyn-- since people really like Lyn... so I'm trying to humanize her a bit with these upcoming arcs. She'll still have her Glenda-edge, but I think folks will see why she's the way she is and hopefully not hate her as much.