Auld Lang Syne - part 5
Posted January 4, 2015 at 7:01 pm
I've had it in mind to change up Zoey's hair again for a while and I decided that she did before this party as an effort to get ready and look nice. She's gone back to dark and it's a little curlier than she's been wearing her hair. When planning out this arc I had a few other beats that could have taken place before midnight, but realistically they're just leading to Lizzy being upset that Glenda hasn't shown up... which I thought her drinking before midnight and others being happy and whatnot covered that. This week is the Zoey and George portion of this story. It'll last at least the next three strips if not possibly going into next week... I have to see how things feel after they're roughed out in strip form before I can make that judgment call. But Wednesday we'll have more of the countdown to midnight for sure.