Back to School - End
Posted November 26, 2015 at 7:01 pm
I hope everyone had a nice feast of Black Friday Eve, if you celebrate it. With this we put a wrap on the first arc of Zoey going to college. She’ll be going to school for the foreseeable future, ZR takes place in effective real time so she’s got a handful of years before she graduates. So this arc was to set up a few things like bringing Roxy back as a foil for Zoey and introducing Meela and roller derby to the comic. I’m going to go to bed now as I was out far later than I anticipated and I have a comic to draw and several to write tomorrow… So if you’re braving the stores for deals today– think of me trapped behind my computer slaving away on comics. It’s a cruel world filled with leftovers and not being trampled by people who want to buy a crockpot.