Back to School - part 14
Posted November 12, 2015 at 7:01 pm
Roxy is taking out her frustrations on Zoey in petty ways. If you don't recall, Lyn helped Zoey out the last time Roxy and her tangled. That's what Roxy is referring to. Also, I've had a DeviantArt account for a while, but for the longest time it wasn't very active. I've got someone special in my life now and in addition to being all around awesome... she's taken it on herself to help me out with making my DA account pretty neat. She's been telling me what I need to post and helping with tags and stuff. It's been pretty active for the last week so even if you visited it before... it's a helluva lot better now! So go check out all the hard work she's been putting in on it won't ya? Here's the link: