Back to School - part 18
Posted November 25, 2015 at 7:01 pm
I've always planned to have Lyn in derby, but it just felt strange that I didn't mention it after a while so I just decided she had stopped sometime after her and John started dating. I even put derby posters behind Lyn in the strip that has her first chronological appearance (she appeared in the comic earlier than this but this was a flashback to the night John met her). But with Lyn currently without a job, due to the bachelor party burning down the bar she worked at, she has a little more time on her hands and she went back to it. Another thing that I like about this strip is that it shows that even though Zoey and Lyn live in the same loft, they're not chained at the hip. Lyn has her own life and friends that aren't a part of Zoey's life. If for some reason one of these couples were to break up, these girls would likely drift apart... I'm not saying either couple is doomed-- I'm getting off track. It's more that I like that it's a real relationship... maybe they'll become closer friends, maybe not.