Bending over backwards - part 12
Posted May 24, 2017 at 8:01 pm
I'm so friggin' happy with the new update/ work schedule. I'm a day ahead of where I wanted to be and instead of taking the day off, I'm starting on what I planned to work on the next day. I've also been able to finish a long outstanding commission that I owed someone that my previous schedule made me keep putting off. I can legitimately say this is the most prepared I've ever felt doing ZR since I started. I've finished this week's Patreon NSFW strip. It's a page in the Jack and Jules elevator sexy times story. It'll go up on Patreon on Friday and moving them back to the double-sized strip format added extra content to this update over what it would have been if it were going to be the comic book sized page still. It's another thing I'm quite happy with. Next week we'll add some more characters to the arc.