Bending over backwards - part 18
Posted June 14, 2017 at 8:01 pm
Sorry again but the website failed to update at the scheduled time and I didn't notice until the mid morning when I finally rolled out of bed. The comic was done well in advance as those on Patreon can attest to, it's just the site being a butt. For those of you who have been commenting on Facebook, Patreon, Twitter, and in e-mails how George has been surprisingly deep... it's intentional. The way I see him and John is often two sides of the same coin... when George first got "receased" and his personality shifted a bit to where John was able to be more relaxed and it allowed him to be in a place where he could get Lyn. So without John, George has had to take on more of John's role so he's adopted more of John's personality traits in the vacuum of Johnlessness. It's why George has been more concerned about people at the loft, and the recent strips where he's looking out for John and Lyn. Yeah, George has always been loyal... it's just hyper focused now.