Bending over backwards - part 34
Posted August 16, 2017 at 8:01 pm
Panel one of this was the hard part for me to wrap my brain around. I wanted them to discuss Jack and Jules' relationship, marriage, Gramps' sacrifice for Jules, the alpha situation, their dad, etc.. In the end, they did, but it doesn't matter what they said... they just got time to tell their mother everything they wanted to. Doing it as one silent panel let me do that and I know what they said and that's good enough for me. Trying to have everything actually spelled out wasn't the most elegant way to handle it and I think this way works just fine. The trees/posts are actually from Gramps' place. That's Heaven to them... in case you were wondering. And now I'm going to get something to eat and drink before heading into Patreon work. See you next week.