Bending over backwards - part 6
Posted May 14, 2017 at 8:01 pm
We're getting to actual stuff happening in this arc soon. For those who forgot or are new, Glenn was the individual who 'killed' John... then he exploded in a blast of magical rage. So bringing him back will bring up some feelings. In non arc based ZR news, I've been realizing that I've probably been on auto pilot with how I do the strip for the last year and a half to two years. I've been taking a hard look and trying to figure out what I should do to better the comic, where to focus my attention, and yes-- even how to make a better living from the work I do. I'm realizing that doing the comic five days a week isn't helping me get to any of my personal or professional goals. I'm not quitting the comic, but I will be moving to a Tuesday-Thursday update schedule with double-sized strips soon. So in the end, there will be effectively one less row of strip content on this website per week, but I'm going to focus that energy into the Patreon bonus strips. Patreon patrons will be seeing changes to. I'm going to move the NSFW bonus story pages back to the strip format instead of comic book page style updates. They too will be double-sized, so there will be more panels per story page update. I've struggled with the comic book style updates since I just don't think of ZR in that style... The strip layout feels so much more natural to this property to me... so that means we'll be getting those updates weekly again. But since the pin-up updates are still so popular I'll be doing those in addition to the NSFW bonus strips weekly as well. So that will double the average week's NSFW bonus content for patrons. I'm also planning out my work week differently with the change in update schedule to accommodate early access to the site strips for Patreon patrons. When we make the change they'll get access to sketches during the process and the full comic a day before it goes on the website. I know this is all a huge change for the daily reading experience but it will move the plot along faster per update, it will give me more time to edit and craft each update, the strips will go live at a scheduled time instead of when they're done, I'll be able to set work hours which will allow me to have a personal life outside of drawing on the couch next to my fiancée, and to be able to work on non-ZR projects without putting of the daily strip to later. These changes will help the health of the comic in the long run too as I won't have the same burn out that I go through as I'm drawing each strip until the early morning. I hope you guys understand and are half as excited for where we're headed with ZR.