Posted October 20, 2016 at 8:01 pm
I had been planning on having a big reveal/event for the 26th (the comic's anniversary) but I decided it would just feel out of place since there needs a little more setup for it to feel justified and I figure it'll just land when it does. The strip for the date of the anniversary doesn't have to be super impactful since it's not the end of the comic or anything. We'll just have another day and the comic continues on the next day. So we'll keep on going along without rushing things to hit an arbitrary date. But yeah, we're coming up to another milestone. I'm floored. In completely off topic conversation, my girlfriend has been and is going through and fighting a horrible situation with her former employer and a sexual harassment case. If you could read through, share, or donate if you can to her Gofundme every little bit helps. Viviane's Gofundme. 15378639_14767424220_r