Crash - part 10
Posted April 15, 2015 at 8:01 pm
As I said earlier this week, these strips of Jack thinking Jules might be Blaine weren't in the initial plan for this arc... but it's a good reminder about Blaine and it helps reinforce why Jack is so nervous about coming out as a werewolf. It also lets me bring up the reasons I wanted Jack to have got a dog before Jules finds out about him being a werewolf... so it's a win/win. Trying to fit werewolf Jack into the style I've changed human Jack to during the last few months of having him stay as a human was a challenge. I wanted to have him still feel like his older design, but also feel like the human form version in the previous panel. I'll end up reworking wolf version Jack before long, but this worked good enough to get the point across in this strip.