Crash - part 14
Posted April 21, 2015 at 8:01 pm
Hey it's Blaine and Glen! For those of you just joining us, Blaine was Lyn's college boyfriend who treated her badly after finding out she was a werewolf. After they broke up, Blaine went on to become a monster hunter who later found a way to steal Lyn's "wolfness" from her. Later we would find out that Blaine had already had Glen working for him. I was this close to having Blaine still in a hard collar for his neck injuries, but I figured people would assume he doesn't heal or something. I just thought it'd be a funny visual and a call back to the last time we saw him. But instead I decided it would be too much since there was already a lot of stuff going on with the rain and whatnot. And Blaine is learning that being brought back from the dead doesn't mean that your injuries are automagically healed too.