Crash - part 15
Posted April 22, 2015 at 8:01 pm
Remember Jacques ran off with Glen's foot?  Yeah, he still hasn't gotten it back yet. We'll be getting back to the time of the crash tomorrow, but I wanted to get another silly strip out before we got into the heavy stuff. Plus these jerks are fun to make look like jack asses. Some folks have figured out that Blaine's look is based on Dean Winchester from Supernatural. When I was coming up with his first arc I was binge watching the crap out of Supernatural and I knew that Blaine had been working as a monster hunter... so I decided to base his design off of one from the show. I also really dug the Constantine show and incorporated bits from how he would use various talismans and crap to get the job done... so when I wanted to adjust Blaine's design for style adjustments I went with a mix of Constantine and Dean. So there you have it.