Crash - part 17
Posted April 26, 2015 at 8:01 pm
We'll be bouncing around with Jack and Jules' side of the crash this week if you couldn't tell. I realize this isn't the most "super exciting" update but for timing it was needed. Pacing out this arc has been... different. It has a lot of back and forth with when things are happening and I figured we needed the "Oh, no..." update now. It ties us back into the strip where we cut to black and allows for this week's strips to spur from this moment. I tried to include the rain falling like a Sin City style silhouette but it just looked lame. I settled on keeping the spattered drops that bounce off of the figures and puddles. It still feels rainy and doesn't give the falling rain the same density as the figures which is difficult to deal with in a silhouette piece. I originally didn't include the black interior lines at all but it didn't read as well so I went back and put in the lines that helped sell the posing.