Crash - part 6
Posted April 9, 2015 at 8:01 pm
I wanted George just to plant the seed of the worry in Jack's brain... I thought about having him just leaving after dropping the idea... but having him appear uncomfortable in panel three was worth keeping him in it for me. I haven't been super happy with Lyn's look in the last few strips so before I started working on this strip last night I put in some time reworking her. Panel two I think is super successful. I'm still tinkering with her design, but I think it has some promise... and she's still adorable. We're getting close to me being happy with the looks of the characters I've been using lately... only John really sticks out to me as needing a lot of work (mainly his beard area). That can only mean I'm about to really hate my entire style or something soon. I'm kind of insane in that regard. I've seen a few people who have been getting the wrong idea of how Blaine's plan actually worked. He found a Native American ritual for werewolves that would allow one werewolf to pass the wolf side to another family member... since werewolves are a genetic condition and it's a trait that is passed down through bloodlines. Think of it like a grandfather, who is a werewolf, is dying and his grandson, who wasn't born with the werewolf trait, is willing to take it on... they can have the ritual that Blaine found performed and the grandfather passes his werewolf side to the grandson. There's only one werewolf between the two of them still... and it's not that anyone in the family automagically becomes a werewolf. So Jules wont become a werewolf just by marrying Jack. Also, John wouldn't become a werewolf either if he were to marry Lyn someday. To have that occur they would have to have the ritual ceremony performed and either of the current werewolves would end of losing their respective wolf side. I hope that makes more sense for those who were confused.