Cult of Personality - part 20
Posted July 23, 2012 at 8:01 pm
So John's girlfriend is a werewolf... There's still a few mysteries about her, but we'll see a little more soon and after this arc wraps up there'll be more time to explore her and just what makes her tick. Some people might recognize the zombie in this strip as Joel from Hijinks Ensue. I've had other cartoonists make cameos in the comic before (here and here)... and with having to just have zombie after zombie for these strips that we wont ever see again-- I decided to borrow from another character design rather than just have yet another nondescript generic shambler. I met Joel at C2E2 this spring and even though he didn't know me at all, he was still super nice. He has also started adding continuity to his comic which directly led to me keeping up with his strip. So, if you're looking for another comic to read I suggest you give Hijinks Ensue a try.