Eating Disorder - part 9
Posted June 10, 2014 at 8:01 pm
I had a few variations on this setup in mind, but this worked the best of them all. One of them had Vic asking about external "organs" in addition to internal... but the bait and switch bit didn't work with that. It was just what this comic was setting up as a red herring, but played straight. I just didn't have a clever punch to end it.... So I continued to work on things until I had the idea of what a zombie could potentially see as an upgrade. Rows of shark teeth would be pretty terrifying in a humanoid's maw. It worked. We're basically done with this arc. I've got Friday's comic and then I might do a wrap up next week. There might be a one-off or something as I prep for the next arc, but I'm not sure yet-- I have to do some pacing planning on where we go next.