Eye of the Beholder - Epilogue
Posted December 26, 2013 at 7:01 pm
I was going to try and do another Christmas strip, but with it being two days after and not having something super solid I decided against it. And there was this change for Zoey that was still not done that I wanted to get in strip form... Yes, Zoey is dropping some of her goth appearance. She has gone through a lot during the course of Zombie Roomie... remember she was 18 when we first met her. She's almost 23 now and had a lot to deal with and a few of her beliefs tested. Now don't freak out! I'm not making her super tame by any means... but it's a bit of character design change to go with her character growth. It's been building for a while... you'll notice if you go back for the last several strips she hadn't even been wearing the eye makeup of late.