Eye of the Beholder - part 2
Posted December 3, 2013 at 7:01 pm
So that's how George bought the building. I originally had Zoey's reaction similar to John's for Monday's comic, but I felt her bringing up the fact that it was recently purchased by someone was a better introduction to the arc. I then decided I could use that scrapped reaction for part of another comic... and presto you get today's strip. There's a lot I like about the character art in this strip. Lyn in panels one and three particularly. Playing with her look recently has been a challenge to get her to feel like Lyn and work in the comic up against other characters... The same could be said with George. His panel three head/face is a lot, lot closer to where I've been wanting to have him recently. While I was first drawing this strip, I tried several different angles for Lyn including more frontal facing... they just didn't work and I scrapped the entire thing about an hour before I wanted to post and just went to bed. I then spent the majority of the next day trying to get things to where I didn't hate them. In the end I did end up with some of my favorite Lyn art to date.