Posted June 16, 2013 at 8:01 pm
Pretty close to having Zoey's look where I want it. I'm going to play with her facial features to make sure she feels like Zoey to me a little more for the next time she's in the comic. Over the weekend I did a drawing that finalized her hair and wardrobe. But her eyes/nose are almost there. I'll be really jazzed when I get her feeling "right" to me. That's been a huge reason she hasn't fully come back to the comic of late. I just haven't liked what I've been able to get her and that has made me choose to keep her from strips. But I think one more go around with her and the drawing board devoted to getting things where I want them and I'll have it nailed. I've got another one-off planned and we'll visit Lizzy's arc for Friday. I think I've got that arc shaping up with some planning.