For Better or Worse - end
Posted August 20, 2015 at 8:01 pm
I don't recall if I mentioned this anywhere... if I did I'm repeating myself but since this is the end of the arc it's the place it should be repeated. But I've been working on this arc like it was a season finale of some sitcom... I wanted to use it to build up a bunch of things that would be driving ZR for the rest of the year. There'll be a bit of lead up to the actual wedding arc which I'm planning to be akin to a season premiere where we see where the characters are at after the events of the finale and what is going to happen for the next bit of their "lives". One of the things Lyn will have to be dealing with is her shifting change and since she isn't used to her new form that she has a tail left over in human form for the time being. I'm spoiling things by saying that's not a permanent change, just something she's going to deal with for a little bit as she's struggling with what to do with her life. Epilogue type strips dealing with the dildos next week and then some random stuff before we get back into story stuff.