For Better or Worse - epilogue
Posted August 23, 2015 at 8:01 pm
Because the door was blocked and Glenda was able to teleport the guys out of the bar, the dongs inside all burnt up... Everyone that survived the encounter did so due to dumb luck. Which is sort of appropriate for our intrepid "heroes" really. Zoey wasn't at the party because she was babysitting Mini... which kept her safe from the situation. I also didn't include her because I wasn't happy with her design. But since then I've worked on it a bunch so I changed up the original epilogue plans that had this strip being about Lyn finding the one lone magic dong. I really dig the new version of Zoey, especially when she's got her makeup on. I didn't want to have her all made up here because it's late and she would have already washed her face plus she didn't have a party to go to anyway. We'll be seeing more Zoey in the comic due to me digging her design again, plus she has a story coming up soon.