For Better or Worse - part 31
Posted July 26, 2015 at 8:01 pm
The problem with exposition that the audience already knows that the characters are just learning is that it's boring to focus on them learning it. So we skipped that and we just get to have Lyn's reaction. Plus it let us catch up with the other party to see where John is. There's more that Lyn will figure out in regards to what her grandparents told Blaine and other things he learned from the information at the farm, but she was far too pissed to listen just now. I really dig Lyn in this strip. I've gotten her to a point that I feel her design is quite successful. Even though it's not at all related, getting her design spot on makes me feel bad for Zoey... since I'm really not keen on her look right now. That's a big reason I haven't been using her as much as she deserves. I have a Zoey-centric arc, her going to college, for the Fall that I need to get her look dialed in for. Like I said it's not related to this arc, but sometimes I just ramble in this little blurb. This has been one of those times.