For Better or Worse - part 48
Posted August 19, 2015 at 8:01 pm
Lyn's wolf form has changed due to her experimenting with the wolfsbane and talisman. It's not perfect but it's something I'll play around with while I draw it in future strips. I've wanted to move the werewolves into the more wolflike appearance in their shifted form for a few years but because I created Jack's look based more on the "wolfman" archetype I couldn't justify having Lyn come in with the more wolflike look when she was added to the cast. So I had to wait until I came up with something that could cause the change. Lyn will be exploring the difference and trying to continue shifting into other forms in future strips. We're going to be wrapping this arc up tomorrow and potentially having an epilogue or two next week. I've decided that adding anymore of Jack to this arc feel like even more overkill and I can get the other bits I planned for him done in the actual wedding arc.