For whom the Bells toll
Posted July 27, 2010 at 8:01 pm
In all seriousness... this comic exists for the first three panels. That's the part that I find funny. The last two panels are just explanation and a kinda funny joke at George's expense. When I started planning out the World Tour locations, I had the idea that Bigfoot was in the Himalayas visiting his family and there'd be some mistaken identity. I just wanted to put the guys in parkas based on their colors and have some fun... So, you get today's comic. There were a few different endings for it over the course of the prep work for the soul search storyline, but, realistically the joke for today is in the first half of the comic. I get that. My sister is getting married Saturday, September 11th and hopefully a bouquet isn't accidentally caught by yours truly in some wacky life imitating art kinda deal.