Friday The 13th - Part Two
Posted May 12, 2011 at 8:01 pm
It's been a year since George and Jason first tangled. The first time was part of the World Tour/Search for a Soul storyline. Earlier this week I realized that Friday/today was going to be Friday the 13th and since Jason Vorhees had been introduced in the world of Zombie Roomie, that I could turn it into a callback strip. The idea that George and Jason fight over eating the Camp Crystal Lake campers becoming a reoccurring gag seems pretty funny to me and it is something I will revisit down the road. Having a mute character, like Jason, is a challenge. He can't communicate in the same fashion as the other characters. In addition he wears the hockey mask so I'm even more limited in his expressions. His eyes are all that I have to work with. So, the idea of using the "ki ki ki ma ma ma" kill theme and modifying it to fit Jason's mood or the theme of the comic helps give him a "voice". I really liked how I interpreted Jason and designed him for the world of Zombie Roomie a year ago, so I was really glad to be able to get back to him. I have an idea that I was going to use for this update, but I realized that it was too early and would seem odd or forced... so when we're ready for the next Friday the 13th based comic -- I have an idea ready that will be pretty fun.
Tags: George, Jason