Hardcore Raiders
Posted April 26, 2011 at 8:01 pm
This is the third World of Warcraft based comics that Zombie Roomie has done. The first was just before Halloween and the second was the day before the current expansion hit. While I have never actually experience this phenomena depicted in today's comic, I've read several forum posts and articles about guild leaders shoe horning in their significant others into raids at the expense of others... even if their girlfriend, wife, partner, koala bear, etc. suck pretty hard. Then again, that's probably why they got that spot... A while ago, John went off the deep end to be what he thought Valerie wanted him to be. It's only fair that Valerie started up doing some dorky things to spend time with John. Also, none of the WoW characters are based on any real characters in any guild, let alone the guild that shares a tabard with the Zombie Roomie characters.