In the Zone
Posted August 12, 2010 at 8:01 pm
I knew I wanted to have a Twilight Zone comic somewhere in the world tour, but I wasn't sure where it'd work best... Then it dawned on me to have it be when they're flying somewhere to do the "Nightmare at 20,000 feet" reference. The problem in doing this comic was getting the likenesses of Rod Serling and a young William Shatner. They're pretty tough to get just "right". Shatner being harder if anyone wondered. Of course with the comic being about the Twilight Zone, it had to be in black and white. I did it all in color and applied desaturation effects to it so they're their proper colors/shades still.... After the removal of color, I added a slight brownish tint to the comic so it has that warm feel of old black and white television.
Tags: George, John