Life Event - end
Posted October 29, 2014 at 8:01 pm
Okay, with this Blaine arc ending today (wrap up happens in the next few arcs) There's a few things I couldn't fit in... Blaine's plans didn't include that Lyn would have human friends, this is why he called John an ogre and Zoey a vampire. Blaine doesn't get to mention that his research into werewolf transfer also included the power up that Lyn experienced that gave her access to extra forms. With the change in the arc that had John get all punchy he had less time to gloat and monologue about it and Lyn was more concerned with her family and friends than herself so she doesn't ask about it. It'll be something that gets addressed during the coming arcs. Originally in my plans, Blaine was going to have Lyn turned into the dog form and she'd freak out and run off. The gang would put up missing dog posters (covering the same areas with the missing frog posters). He'd use his talismans to draw her to her dad's place and then we'd pick things up where the comic actually went. I had to cut this out due to wanting to have the Halloween arc start on time. I'm pretty sure that more people knew the ending of this arc than any arc to date before I drew this strip. I would ask several people I discuss things with if they thought it was too far for Lyn to kill Blaine and there was a lot of discussion back and forth... but it pretty much was settled with the fact that Blaine is a murderer. He's killed monsters just for the fact that they're monsters. He has her family in danger and unless she gave up her werewolf side, he'd do something terrible to them. It's basically the end of "Man of Steel". So if you're not cool with Lyn doing something so violent, believe me I wrestled with the decision. Plus she's a werewolf.