Life Event - part 16
Posted October 23, 2014 at 8:01 pm
I had a flashback planned that showed some of the problems with Lyn and Blaine, but I couldn't make it work and fit this part of the story. So I scrapped it and I'll use it in the next John and Lyn arc where it'll work better in a different context. We don't frequently see a sad Lyn like we did yesterday, so having the flashback stay up on the site all weekend would have been a bummer paired with Thursday's strip. So when I decided to move the flashback, I knew I wanted to have assertive Lyn come back and I changed up some dialogue and took from a different strip and came up with this. Plus, it gave me the excuse to end on the Professor Elemental reference. Yes, that's why Lyn needed to have someone give her pants... I'm a dork.