Life Event - part 18
Posted October 28, 2014 at 8:01 pm
We're heading straight for the end of this arc... in fact it ends tomorrow. I'm looking forward to doing some silly stuff in the next arc that all takes place on Halloween. Sure it starts on Halloween, but it'll last a while longer in real life... it's a concession I had to make but it's not like we haven't had other stories that all take part on one night before. This one is an example of it... And it's not like Halloween is out of character for ZR strips anyway. I need to get ahead at least one comic and my current production schedule would be just fine and we'd be done with these comics that go up in the afternoon. That's my plan but it's been an issue since I have to take breaks to rest my back and I like to actually sleep. But I know having late comics isn't ideal... just know it's something I'm looking to rectify.