Life Event - part 2
Posted September 23, 2014 at 8:01 pm
I really like "panel 3's" Jack. It's probably in the top few Jack's I've drawn to date in my opinion. Something about him being clueless really helps sell the character for me. I might have to continue that naivety with him. Ever since it's has been revealed that Jack is gay, I've had people ask me why he goes to the strip club with the fellas. One, it's because it's what they want to do and he's just hanging out with them and two... tacos! They serve a mean taco. So when I needed some place to put Jack for this strip I decided he was going to be getting his taco fix... there are likely some of the other guys there too, but that's not important to this strip. I've always wanted to do more with the strip club, beyond the one strip a year that I set there... It's a fun location. But really I could say that with most of the establishments I've set up for the ZR world.