Life Event - part 5
Posted October 2, 2014 at 8:01 pm
We're getting to the strange part of the arc. In case you didn't already guess that. But you did, since you're smart. I've really only talked about this on the Facebook page, but people suggested that I setup a tier on my Patreon campaign that includes some exclusive bonus comics. These comics would be uncensored-- that means cartoon smut. The idea behind them is more comics like what I normally produce for the site, but they don't hide the naughty bits with camera tricks and silhouettes. They will be completely bonus and not required to understand what's going on to the story, but just extra strips that don't fit in on this site where I try to keep things PG or PG13. So if you're 100% opposed to cartoon smut, I hear you. You don't have to even acknowledge these bonus strips exist. They wont be on this site. But if you do enjoy the idea of the cast of Zombie Roomie being naughtier than you're used to, and less clothed... The exclusive, uncensored, bonus strips are for you and you can get them for pledging $10 or more per month. Then number of bonus strips is dependent on the interest we generate with this. Between 1-10 backers gives us at least one bonus strip a month, 11-20 is two, 21-30 is three, and so on. The first strip is scheduled to go up on Tuesday, 10-7-2014. Not only do you get these bonus strips, but you'll get access to the other rewards from the Patreon campaign and you're helping support Zombie Roomie and me. So it's a win/win.