Life Event - part 6
Posted October 5, 2014 at 8:01 pm
So yeah, Lyn's looking a little more wolflike... Up to now, the werewolves in ZR have all been like the classic Universal Monsters "Wolfman". Something has triggered a 'change' in Lyn to push her into a new, different form. For you roleplaying dorks out there, think Chrinos form. Don't worry Lyn lovers, this isn't a permanent change. She'll be back to her normal cute self sometime... That's not saying this current version isn't cute. I'm sure if you find hulking, fur covered beasts cute-- I'm not going to judge. Hell, she'd rip my throat out if I did. I guess that also could be a turn on for someone. There might be some judging involved in that though... since it'd be my throat being ripped out. I'm just sayin'.