Looking for Group - Epilogue
Posted March 19, 2013 at 8:01 pm
I had other stuff planned for the support group, but it wasn't relevant for where we're going... so I'll just save it for the next time George attends. I wanted to just move on and do some one offs and then get to the next part of George and this mystery zombie woman's plan. When I came up with the idea that the mummy would eat the jelly donuts, I figured out that I could do something with his canopic jars. John eating the contents was the first thing I settled on. Also, sorry about the lack of comic on Monday. I spent all day and night Sunday combating flooding in my drawing area. We had two days of rain and apparently in the last year, my house's foundation has cracked and when it rains the area directly under my desk starts to seep water all over the floor. Several towels, 15+, and about half a bucket was mopped up before it was fine to work in the area. Add on the fact that I felt funky earlier in the day and then some web site issues cropped up while I was drawing the comic... everything just piled on to sap my motivation to finish the comic before it would be super, duper late Monday. So I called it and just decided to do it for Wednesday. I'm hoping the forecasted rain for this weekend doesn't occur.