Looking for Group - part 4
Posted February 28, 2013 at 7:01 pm
And so ends the week of jelly-filled donut strips... When I was outlining this arc I struggled with how to introduce it and some of the characters-- we'll have more later. I wanted to have something of no real importance, but something George could fret over. Enter the jelly donut. I figured a short sub arc within the arc wouldn't hurt anyone and it would allow me to introduce the mummy... he has some bits in his character that I think are fun. We also get to see Jason a little more and he too has a strip or two to shine later. Francis is pretty constantly requested to return to the strip so he was a natural fit as well. Going forward we'll examine why George thought about attending a support group and I have some changes that will occur during the arc that will make some people pretty happy I'm thinking.