Looking for Group - part 6
Posted March 5, 2013 at 7:01 pm
This strip is the first one done on my new computer. It is the fourth computer I've done Zombie Roomie on, and the third that I've purchased with money generated by the comic and things associated with Zombie Roomie. That's a pretty impressive feat when you think about the number of comics out there that struggle to get by. I'm not trying to pat myself on the back too hard about it, but it does make me proud to be able to say that ZR funded the computers used to create it. The first computer I was able to purchase from ZR money was my laptop. It's a great backup machine and I use it to take down notes when I'm away from my desktop. Later in the same year, I got a super cheap Dell due to a Cyber Monday deal. It wasn't terribly long before it started having issues (about nine months) and it would frequently refuse to turn on if turned off. So I've been struggling to get ZR done in a timely fashion due to that machine.... That brings us to the new desktop. It was purchased in parts and assembled by me. It's still not 100% stable yet and it was blue screening every once and a while during the creation of this strip... so I had to save frequently. I also tried to go back to Photoshop CS6 for this strip. I'm not sure how much of the stability issues were caused by that version of Photoshop, so in my testing I'm going to install CS5 again to see how that fairs. I realize this big wall of text has little to do with the goings on in the above strip, but it is where my head was at when I sat down to write this blurb. Plus, the strip isn't a funny comic-- it's all about setting up the rest of the arc and explaining George's situation. I hope you guys are cool with me rambling about my wrestling with technology.