The master manipulator
Posted April 14, 2011 at 8:01 pm
This comic continues the arc where folks keep moving out from the building. We'll see what's up most likely next week. You might not notice right off, but the comic today is a bit larger <-> The older comics were just under 930 pixels across including a white border on the sides... starting today the comic is 970 pixels from the start of the first panel over to the end of the last panel. But this extra size increase doesn't cost you the reader anything... although you're welcome to read the comic again later in the day... I'll take the extra pageviews~! I've wanted to increase the comic's size to this new size for a while... I had thought about waiting until I had all of the old comics resized and fixed up, but in the end sometime this week I decided to just go ahead and do the larger size now and catch up with the old strips later on. Every time I'd save a comic, I'd save it as the old size feeling bummed that I was saving it at a size I knew was only temporary... I wasn't sure if I should just save it twice, but in the end I just would put up the smaller comic. A side note, do you remember Bill, the guy who used to do writing for Zombie Roomie? He wrote an article for Funny or Die that you should go read.
Tags: George, John, Sean