Moo-ve it!
Posted July 10, 2011 at 8:01 pm
We'll get back to the John and Drew/bum scene Wednesday, but until then I thought it'd be kinda fun to see what George was up to during this last bit of the Ghost/Break up arc. I've been wanting to do a "running with the bulls" strip for a while. I had it on my outline for the world tour, but the dates didn't match up like they did this year (The running of the bulls goes from July 6-14th). So when I sat down to work on the second part of "A captive audience" and I wasn't happy with how the comic was coming together... I decided to bump this forward in the schedule. I don't know why, but I really like the Minotaur character even though he hasn't ever gotten to have the chance for development. He was first seen in his labyrinth during the world tour and then again outside of a McDonald's. Each time I've had him appear, folks are always horrified by his enlarged nipples... I think they're really funny and when you think about udders, they're not that big. George isn't really known for setting any land speed records, but I thought it'd be cute for him to be upset with the Minotaur for not running during said running of the bulls.