More Writer's Block
Posted October 22, 2015 at 8:01 pm
There is a little farce in this as I have an idea of the next strip in the Zoey arc, but I did come up with the idea that we needed to have one of the male cast come in to give some male objectification in a backstage strip too. So since we've already had John objectified in one of these, George was the most likely candidate to bring in and we ended up with today's strip. The censor bar comes from one of the original Writer's Block strips where Lyn ended up on the other side of the bar. I thought it was a silly convention that strips that take place backstage that involve nudity get the censor bar... But I've drawn enough George penis lately in the NSFW work strips that it was almost refreshing to just have to place a bar over his junk for this strip. We'll have at least a few Zoey strips next week as I have some laid out, they're just not in the "ha ha" realm as we're moving to the meat of the arc's story. When I get over the creative block I'm in we'll get back to the funny.