Mystically Compelled
Posted October 31, 2016 at 8:01 pm
I just wanted to have one more strip with Blaine being a big douche before we got on with the story so having him order Glenn to get the door was more than adequate for that purpose. On the diet front, I weighed myself even though I originally only planned to in another ten days... I was really pleased to see the number of pounds I've already dropped. My jeans fit me so much better and I'm excited to wear some that I haven't for years. I had a lot of jeans at one point... it'll be neat to have more than one or two pairs that I know fit me. Around noonish I'll be getting a root canal so I'm not 100% certain I'll have a strip for tomorrow. I've never had one and I've only heard awful things... so I'll be trying to get you a strip, but if I can't know that it's because I'm a wimp and my tooth issues are to blame.