Naughty - part 6
Posted December 23, 2014 at 7:01 pm
I'm doing some writing for the next arc and depending on if I nail the opening for it or not, in my opinion, we may or may not have an epilogue for this Krampus arc. This covers pretty much most of what needed to be said... the only thing left on the cutting room floor is a joke about the Christmas elf army that the little elf that lives in the freezer is a part of. I think Krampus is a lot more successful in today's comic versus yesterdays. I reworked some things with his design that weren't as well executed yesterday and I think he turned out better this time around. This wont be the last time we see Krampus, it'll just be a while before he shows up again... but I'm hopeful I can come up with something before next Winter. No promises though.