Nursery Crimes - part 2
Posted July 29, 2014 at 8:01 pm
Like he said, you've got to start small. I like doing the poo/fart balloons rather than just a sound effect. I think it lends itself better to the comic strip. I also tend to only use sound effects for things happening off panel, I've noticed. It's just part of the comic strip language that I use in that way. I'm still wrestling with the Mr. Zed t shirt for him... I think it requires a new design for the Mr. Zed art for it to work, so right now I'll keep it off and George Lucas it back in when I'm happy with it. One more of this short series on Friday then we'll get back to other stuff. If you're a fan of M'nthulhu, I've added the downloadable print for August's Patreon rewards that just so happens to feature him. Back Zombie Roomie at the $10 level to get access to "Kawaiiju". August-print---Kawaiiju-thumb