Nursery Crimes - part 3
Posted July 31, 2014 at 8:01 pm
So ends our weird little M'nthulhu interlude. This one took a few turns along the way. When I originally had the idea of a nursery window it was going to be for the "birth" and the gang would visit John's morgue and use the identification window in the same manner. Then when it was repurposed for this week, I was going to have M'nthulhu doing something crude to the window... like pressed ham on glass but I couldn't wrap my brain around how it'd work with his tail. The idea of no family resemblance and M'nthulhu's "look" seemed like there was something to it. I've got one more wacky George strip and then we'll get back to Zoey and Granny to move that arc along. I've just got to outline it as my scripted strips end with Monday.