Pumpkin Spice
Posted September 27, 2017 at 8:01 pm
I wanted to take a quick break from the story arc to better set up pacing and because I was joke locked with the setup I had... So we got this instead. I've been wanting to bring back Ted, Zoey's ex, and he used to work at the Fivebucks so I figured after his band went nowhere that he went back to it. I did a pin-up of him for patrons on my Patreon awhile ago as I was working on his redesign to fit the look of the comic nowadays. I want to bring in more humans to the cast again since we've found ourselves in a situation where the monsters out number the humans and the main premise of this comic is supposed to be humans living with monsters... we've basically been monsters with a few sprinkled in humans. So I've come up with at least three ladies that will help round out friends of Zoey and we have Ted returned too.