Posted October 25, 2016 at 8:01 pm
Seven years ago today the first Zombie Roomie strip showed up on the internet. Doing this comic has changed my life is so many ways. I've met some of my closest friends, it's given me a source of income, it's allowed me to travel across the country, it's given me so many memories of fan mail and reader interaction, and if it weren't for this comic I wouldn't have met the woman I'm going to marry. I try to have the characters' lives adjust in effectively real time, so in the comic we're pretty much seven years later too. It's not a perfect line up with dates since some story arcs take place during the span of one night for the characters but it could be months in our time... so I sometimes jump ahead in time to accommodate the difference. We'll have one of those after this arc by the way. Basically what I'm trying to find a way to say is thank you for reading my comic. I'll make sure I keep drawing them since I like the world I created just as much as you guys do.