Service with a smile
Posted March 26, 2013 at 8:01 pm
I was working on another comic and it just didn't feel right and it's the start of something kinda important for the story and characters that I really like, so I wanted to shelve it and rework the pacing/etc. So I broke open the jokes and ideas folder on my computer to see what there was to mine for something to do a strip about. I had the one liner that was Vlad's response in there. I figured it was a one-panel kinda joke... so that was also a bonus since it was super late when I decided to just start over with today's update. When planning the strip after having the idea,  I had to figure out if I just had a random human guy that I could put into the scene. I remembered I did... I used him previously in another one-panel joke about eating people. That's Steve... Steve runs the comic and gaming shop that the guys go to. I've planned on doing something with the comic shop for a few years, I just haven't ever pulled the trigger.