She comes first - part 10
Posted March 4, 2015 at 7:01 pm
We hit the 5x a week milestone, but the problem is there are at least two patrons that have declined payments and that would put us back under the goal. The plan is to contact those patrons and see if they're planning on fixing the problem or if not remove them. As I'm prepping for ECCC I'll start to ramp up to 5x a week and if we stay over the goal April will go five times a week! This is would basically be the start of another arc, but I don't want to end the Glenda/Lizzy arc completely yet... plus this stems directly from it anyway. We haven't seen John and George in over a month. During that time George has let his scruff he had started messing with around Halloween grow into a bit of a goatee. I've had plans on him having more facial hair at different times but always shied away from doing it. He probably wont keep it very long, but it's a bit of change I could do and get away with since we haven't seen him in a while. And I have a pay off for it later.