Silver Lining
Posted February 13, 2014 at 7:01 pm
Earlier this week I heard that the full moon would fall on Valentine's day and I knew I had to do something with John and Lyn for today's comic. I haven't really come out and said all of what exactly rings true about werewolves in the ZR 'verse... but there are a few things that I have and the full moon thing is one. It's an uncontrolled change and they're not exactly the safest things to be around during that change. In the past, Lyn stayed at her place during the full moon for John's safety... but with them living together now, she's got a silver lined cage to keep the peace. I really dig the art in the Lyn panel. It was a perfect combination of nib wear and open programs on my computer while drawing that panel to give me the perfect line quality that I wanted. Plus, the larger size gave me the ability to put her full body in the panel and even show some perspective which I don't do too much of in ZR. But that's hopefully something the bigger sized comics will allow me to play with as we go on.