Six Years of Zombie Roomie
Posted October 25, 2015 at 8:01 pm
On October 26th of 2009 I published the very first Zombie Roomie strip. I had started planning to do a webcomic earlier in the Summer, but I needed time to plan and figure out how to setup the website/etc. So when I was fairly confident on a premise for the comic, what we ended up with, I had to decide when I'd launch it. The week of Halloween seemed like a great thematic time and it happened that Monday of that week fell on the 26th. Over the years of doing the comic I haven't really taken a beat to just talk about the anniversary each year, it's always been just another strip going up... but with the writer's block I've been going through, and the need of some promotional art anyway.... I figured we could just have a nice day to celebrate and I wanted to do something with some of the couples. Three couples, i.e.: six characters, seemed appropriate for six years. Plus I'm wanting to rework Jack's design a bit so I didn't want to rush his new look or put him in with his current, so we don't have Jack and Jules here. But thanks for six years. I really hope to do at least six more before you're tired of me.